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theres no such thing as too much pink [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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thera care, sarah speaking... [Dec. 26th, 2006|09:58 am]
[Current Location |thera care in central islip]
[today i feel so |boredbored]
[dance with me |randy on Bli]


im at work, being a secretary for an office that doesnt really need one. i've been here for an hour and a half and the phone rang once and that was only bc i called it from my cell to see if it worked. hooray for being paid $11/hour to do nothing. oh, thats a lie. i made four cups of free coffee for myself just because it was there and i had nothing else to do. and then took some free advil also just bc it was there and kinda bc i had a headache from drinking four cups of caffine in an hour and a half.

christmas was fun. family is crazy, but needed. i got tons of money, some clothes for london, an umbrella, two scarves, and two books on bristish slang. visiting dad tonight and thennn... pretty busy for the rest of the week and a half til i leave the country.

if you're bored, you can email me at SarahHosek@theracare.com til friday. i'll probably respond pretty quickly.
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i'm spoiled by my life. [Dec. 10th, 2006|04:29 am]
[Current Location |clark]
[today i feel so |lovedloved]
[dance with me |regina spektor]

I don't deserve the love i've found here and i don't know how i became as lucky as i am to have found and gained it. i hope that everyone who i love knows how very very much i love them.

(in order of secret santas):
katie, maggie, krissi, dom, becca, mika, dan, cha, leeba, ben, joel, taryn, jen, mary, kimmi, and kate:
i can't even begin to try to start to express the extent of my love for all of you; there are no words. you are more than i could ever imagine to ask for. thank you.

i probably love you. but only if probably means definitely.
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i bet turkeys are thankful that i dont like to eat them [Nov. 23rd, 2006|12:44 pm]
[Current Location |home]
[today i feel so |thankfulthankful]
[dance with me |the thanksgivingday parade]

its crazy how different this thanksgiving is from last thanksgiving.

i'm rediculously thankful for:

familyCollapse )

my kissable boysCollapse )

all of my friendsCollapse )

and also definitely you.

oh, and wayne, of course, but we dont have any pictures.

so thanks.
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"love is a funny thing" [Nov. 18th, 2006|04:00 am]
[Current Location |clark]
[today i feel so |lovedloved]
[dance with me |lfo]

i am head over heals in love with katie hatfield and leeba morse and kate dobday.

also, my grandparents hosek and godmother and aunt patty and respective families are pretty amazing as well.

i was officially accepted as the intern at the Hall Junior School in London, an inclusive, all boys school for males ages 4-14. they have to apply to go there before they're "12 months of age." crazy.

oh, life is rediculous but im dealing and my friends are wonderful and my family is incredible and im really good at thinking up different adjectives that all mean the same thing (=synonyms).

k, so, thanks for being in my life, sorry i havent updated in like.... 2 months...ish. if you're my friend, you know whats up. or are allowed to ask whats up. i'll definitely tell you. i'm probably a little bit too open to giving out the details of my personal life but you can benefit from that.

ok, i most likely love you. bye.

ps: quotes from this past weekendCollapse )

pps- brian morris too. about the first thing.
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2006|07:31 am]
[Current Location |home, far far away]
[today i feel so |sleepysleepy]
[dance with me |garbage trucks moving around outside]

Happy Birthday, Kate!

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