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oh, hi! [Jun. 17th, 2008|12:59 am]
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i haven't posted here in a year and a month...

also, so much changed within a week after my last post. I'll catch you up on that instead of on my life now:

--"My job this summer is in payroll at Arrow Electronics and basically they have no work for me to do, so i get paid $11/hr to sit in a chair."
>>>AND the next day I quit and got a job at a gym, four babysitting jobs, a tutoring gig, and a "nannying" thing that was almost like babysitting but not really at all

--"i got a new very pretty phone and you should text me so i have your number and so im not as bored. thanks."
>>>> oh, that weekend I put my phone into my pants pocket and promptly walked into a pool. oops? I still have the same type of phone, but it's since been replaced 4 more times.

Um, so yeah, since the last post I'm still cranky about not being in London and I still really like when my friends are around anddd... I'm still taking classes in Worcester. So nothing's new, really.

summer in this city sort of sucks. I haven't been home since Christmas and won't be until Christmas.

i miss everyone!

i guess that's it.

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